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Vacuum Filter is a company with over thirty years experience in the FILTERING sector (solid/liquid separation) using VACUUM ROTARY FILTERS.

The company which was founded by Musella and Redaelli in 1982 draws on the experience of over 40 years of applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food sectors and filtering of water and oil in industrial processes.

Special attention is paid to ecological issues and the company is totally committed to resolving problems concerning the reduction of waste and the recovery and reuse of wastewater and process water.

Our objective is to provide strong, reliable, high quality plants that can be placed in continuous 24-hour work cycles.

For this reason, we only use top quality hydraulic and electrical parts and plants built entirely in AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel.
Plants that last.



Filtering involves mechanically separating solids from liquids and is done in order to recover clarified liquids or solids and sometimes both.
Filtration takes place when there is a difference in pressure between the upstream and downstream sides of a permeable support that acts as a filter medium and allows liquids to pass through while retaining the solids. A vacuum rotary filter is a continuous filter which as the drum rotates includes an immersion phase with formation of the cake on the filter medium, a cake drying phase with or without washing and a cake discharge phase with a blade.


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