Watering purification

The Vacuum Filter machines are widely used in tumbling plants, both for the dehydration of the sludge from a tumbler, and then solid-liquid separation for the purpose of reusing the liquid in the working process. Both precoat and scraping filters are used.

  • Precoat filters are used in cases where the treatment only concerns the cleaning of the buratti washing water for the purpose of recovery or for disposal in the sewage system.
  • The Scraving Blade filters instead are inserted in water purification plants with chemical-physical processes, where there is the presence of buratti flushing or other processes such as painting or galvanizing.

Application examples:

Scraping blade

Plant installed at ROLLWASH Italia in Carate Brianza.

This filter works in a department with 10 medium-sized tumblers, working on automatic cycles of 8 hours per day.