Water cabins painting

Vacuum Filter offers a complete and ready-to-use plant able to purify and filter the polluted water coming from spray booths and/or automatic painting machines with water abatement (for water and solvent cycles).

The system differs substantially from traditional dirt separators, especially for the extremely low operating cost and is supplied in manual and/or automatic execution and is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel. In the automatic version, the machine performs work automatic cycles 24 / 24h and does not require the operator during operation.

It also allows the filtration of 1 mq/h of sludge with suspended solids up to 4 – 5% and a filtration degree of 2 micron, leaving a dry, odorless and easily managed waste.

The result is therefore clear water with the possibility of unloading and recycling and a solid and dry product that is easy to dispose of with reduced costs thanks to reduced volumes.

The operation of the machine is divided into two phases:

  • A first preparation step, during which the product (fossil flour) is loaded to form the filtering layer on the filter drum.
  • A second phase of filtration, of the duration necessary for the disposal of the dirt produced in the painting plant (12-16 hours).