We were born to do drum rotary vacuum filters,
over the years we have acquired the necessary experience
to guarantee a cutting-edge product.

In all the situations in which the problem of solid-liquid separation is faced, the drum rotary vacuum filter is proposed as the most effective and performing system. These systems are suitable for continuous work cycles, offering a constant yield, the drum rotary vacuum filter ensures a superior quality to any other competitive system on the market.

Vacuum Filter divides its production into 3 types of drum rotary vacuum filters. Each individual system fully complies with the specific requests of the customer.
In addition to these, it produces special systems for particular applications that require construction forms that deviate from standard production.

Vacuum Filter in addition to the standard solution in Aisi304, offers the possibility of creating systems in stainless steel Aisi316L or as regards environments and particularly aggressive products systems with ebonite coatings or plants built entirely of thermoplastic material (PVC, PVC-C, PVDF) resistant to any type of acid.
Furthermore, Vacuum Filter has experience in the field of applications in explosive environments that require ATEX certification. The entire range of our systems is available in a semi-automatic version or in an automatic version with PLC and with the possibility of remote control.