Particular attention is paid to the ecological sector, with total availability for the solution of problems of reduction of disposal volumes, recovery and reuse of waste water and process.


The savings in disposal volumes or oil supplies are considerable, moreover the machine performs long cycles in complete autonomy without the assistance of the operator. The machine does not require continuous maintenance and the consumption of fossil flour is very limited.


The construction of the systems is completely performed within the company with top quality materials. The mechanical machine is produced in AISI 304 stainless steel or painted steel according to requirements. All systems are designed to work 24/24h and last over time.


The system, supplied as a package, is ready for connection, complete with all the equipment necessary to introduce and download the product. It allows the customer to have a car at his disposal.


Each system is designed and built taking into account the particular requests and needs of the individual customer. Furthermore, a dedicated study allows us to achieve the best result and complete satisfaction of our customers.


The company founded in 1982 has 30 years of experience in the construction of a wide range of solutions for Filtration in the solid-liquid separation that over time has allowed it to become the ideal partner thanks to the proven reliability, the constant search for innovative solutions and the ability to dialogue and collaborate with customers.

High efficiency for separation of light solids

Compact design

Continuous operation

Parts in contact with the product prepared with suitable material

High operating flexibility

Simple maintenance

Possibility of installing a fume hood