Industrial oil filtration

Vacuum Filter has been manufacturing ROTATING VACUUM FILTERS for over 30 years, making it the most efficient and high-performance filtration system.

Over the years we have specialised in industrial oil filtration for lubrication and cooling in moulding in various applications. The filtered oil retains its characteristics and can be reused in manufacturing, allowing considerable cost savings on new supplies.

High viscosity oil

We have installed many systems in the bolt and screw industry, where high viscosity oils are used for mould cooling and lubrication. The Vacuum Filter system filters the oil from the machines, prolonging the life of the machines (always running on clean oil) and saving money on new oil supplies.

Mould cooling, Lubrication.

Screws, bolts, rivets, thread milling machines


SBE - VARVIT - bolts - Monfalcone (GO), Sabac (SERBIA)

OEB BRUGOLA - bolts - Lissone (MB)

I.B.S. - bolts - Buttigliera Alta (TO)

BONTEMPI VIBO - bolts - Brescia (BS)

FAR - riveting - Granarolo (BO)

FONTANA LUIGI - bolts - Veduggio (MB)

BRALO - bolts - Pinto (MADRID)

PECOL - bolts - Agueda (PORTOGALLO)

Low viscosity oil

The same mechanism is used for the filtration of low-viscosity oils used mainly in the spinning industry. This is because these types of activities use low-viscosity oils or even emulsions that become dirty in the long run and wear out CNC mechanical machinery.

Cooling in machining, lubrication.

MetalWork, mechanical processing


SAFOR - metalwork - Cervarese Santa Croce (PD)

TORNOMATIC PONTIROLO - metalwork - Pontirolo Nuovo (BG)

COLOMBO GIOVANNI E FIGLI - metalwork - Abbadia Lariana (LC)

VBT - metalwork - Serra De Conti (AN)

TOR.MET - metalwork - Omegna (VB)

Other oils

Over the years we have also become involved in the filtration of other types of oil such as animal fat, vegetable oil, frying oil, olive oil or seed oil. Our systems, being mechanical filtration, separate the solid part from any oil.

Biodiesel production, kitchen oil production.

Food Sectors, Biodiesel, oil mills, refineries.


AGIP PETROLI - petrochemical plant - Gela (CL)

OXON – animal fat - Mezzana Bigli (PV)

FALLANI SPURGHI - frying oil - Firenze (FI)

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