The automatic model of each of our ROTARY VACUUM FILTERS complies with the requirements of the legislation currently in force. Since this is a filtration system for liquid solid separation, it is included among the investments in tangible capital goods.

With regard to the 2022 investments, the following benefits are available under current legislation:

◎ tax credit of the investment (purchase or leasing) up to 2.5 million

◎ no subjective limitation

◎ can be used in 3 annual instalments, by offsetting "in F24" starting from the year the goods were integrated

◎ non-taxability of the tax credit

◎ cumulability with other benefits on the same costs

Industrial automation

Our systems meet the required specifications, allowing interconnection with the user's computer systems and providing the following data:

  • machine status
  • cycle phase: preparation, filtration, washing
  • current cycle filtered litres
  • machine hourly output
  • current cycle filtration time
  • current filtration time remaining (precoat system)
  • total number of cycles performed
  • total number of litres filtered

Tax credit

To support and provide incentives to companies investing in new tangible and intangible capital goods for the technological and digital transformation of production processes.



Our systems use the OPC UA communication protocol,
which allows real-time delivery of machine process information. It is an open, multi-platform protocol, running on any operating system and easy to integrate into an existing application or device.


Intelligent production

Increased productivity, less waste
Increased flexibility and speed of production, minimising errors and waste, and making the product / service more competitive.