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Founded in 1983, Vacuum Filter is a company that operates in the field of MECHANICAL FILTRATION (solid/liquid separation) through the design and construction of ROTARY VACUUM FILTERS.

The company has more than 30 years of experience in adapting each installation to the end customer's specific requirements.

In almost 40 years of history more than 800 machines have been sold in different sectors and fields of application, satisfying more than 500 customers in Italy and abroad. Various collaborations with different companies and continuous supply relationships with many loyal customers have been established.

We specialise mainly in the FILTRATION OF WATER AND OIL, offering our customers a very valid tool from a technical point of view for the RECOVERY and REUSE  of liquids in the various work processes.

Over the years, the challenge has been to create a technologically advanced plant, automating the various processes until it meets the requirements of INDUSTRY 4.0.

There is much still to be done, but the company, thanks also to the generational renewal, is ready to accept the challenges of the future.

Production and design of filtration systems




Analysis and Testing






Maintenance and Support

Vacuum Filter develops and manufactures filtration equipment that is the most effective and efficient system for constant and continuous solid/liquid separation. In particular, our company is an expert in the development, engineering and construction of rotary vacuum filters.

What do our filtration systems look like?

Vacuum rotary filters are essentially composed of a rotating drum, a vacuum distribution system, a suspension collecting vessel, an oscillating shaker and a solid discharge device.

The separated solids are dried and evenly distributed over the entire surface of the filter cloth and then discharged via a blade.

Products can be separated by different filter media and with different discharge devices, according to the characteristics of the suspensions to be treated, the design specifications requested by the customers or the suggestions made by Vacuum Filter's experience.

Thanks to our plants it will be possible to recover and reuse wastewater and process water, thereby reducing disposal volumes.

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